Frequently Asked Questions
    Does the Furbo 360° Camera belong to me if I choose the Furbo Bundle?
    Yes! The Furbo Camera is yours to keep after the 3 months lock-in period. For monthly plan users, you can cancel your plan anytime after 3 months. Read more
    What is the recommended option for Furbo Bundle?
    The Yearly Plan is our most popular option, offering substantial savings. If you have a single Furbo Camera, you can opt for the Basic Yearly Plan, providing a full year of Furbo Nanny for just $69, and 50% off on your Furbo 360° Dog/Cat camera with this plan. For those with multiple Furbo Camera... Read more
    What is the difference between Furbo 360 Camera and the Furbo Bundle?
    Furbo 360°  is the standalone rotating camera that allows you to see, talk, play, and toss treats to your dog/cat in real-time, plus Barking/Meowing Alerts. Furbo Nanny is the monthly plan that allows you to keep tabs on your pup with important pet-related alerts, fun recordings of their day, a ... Read more