Frequently Asked Questions
    Furbo Dog Camera and New Furbo 360° Dog Camera Comparison
      Product Type Furbo Dog Camera Furbo 360° Dog Camera Light Indicator Blue/Yellow/Green/Purple Solid or blinking Yellow/Blue and solid White Auto-calibration X Plug in and wait for 40s-ish Two-way audio Walkie talkie type Full-duplex talking Panning X Turn 270° with 360° view Impro... Read more
    Where to Place Furbo?
    Deciding where to place your Furbo depends on where your dog usually wanders. You can place Furbo anywhere at home away from direct sunlight and moisture.   We recommend placing Furbo 22-45 inches above the floor or based on your dog's height. Please note that Furbo's WiFi antenna is on its right... Read more
    Does Furbo Need Batteries?
    No batteries are required for Furbo! Furbo uses a Type C cable, and a standard power adapter to plug into the wall. This way you can always stay connected with your furry loved ones.P.S. Furbo’s power adapter plug supports both 110v and 220v, meaning it is compatible with the power outlets in eve... Read more
    What Should I Do If I Change My Phone?
    If you change your mobile phone, you can continue using your existing Furbo account even if you switch to a new mobile phone (smartphone). To do so, follow these steps: On your new phone, open the Furbo app. Tap Already have an account? Sign In. See the screenshot below for your reference: Enter... Read more
    How to Complete Treat Onboarding After Setup
    After completing the initial setup, the onboarding screen will appear. Tap the treat button on the screen to launch the treat-dispensing function. Repeat steps 2-3 times by tapping the treat button to dispense treats. By doing so, you will complete the tutorial and the screen will be dismissed.... Read more