Frequently Asked Questions
    Why Is There a Subscription Fee
    The features included in Furbo Nanny require us to pay server costs for cloud storage, A.I. analysis, and ongoing investment in development. We charge a subscription fee in order to continuously provide smooth performance and excellent services. We are always adding new features and enhancing cur... Read more
    What’s the Difference Between Basic and Pro Plan
    The Basic Plan offers a Furbo Dog Nanny subscription that can be utilized on a single Furbo device, while the Pro Plan provides the opportunity to enjoy Furbo Dog Nanny subscription benefits on up to four devices.   Please refer to the pricing table provided below for detailed information on the ... Read more
    What Does the Tab “For You” Mean
    As devoted pet parents, we understand how much you cherish capturing and sharing precious moments of your furry friends. Whether it's a hilarious selfie, your dog's adorable barking, your cat's charming meowing, or a delightful video of them being active, these moments deserve to be celebrated. T... Read more
    What’s the Difference Between Dog Activity and Advanced Dog Activity?
    Dog Activity and Advanced Dog Activity are cloud recording features provided designed to assist you in monitoring your pet's behavior. While Dog Activity records general activity levels, Advanced Dog Activity focuses on specific actions like chewing, running, and potty-related behaviors. Understa... Read more